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Our journey began with a visionary concept for Blue World City, Pakistan's pioneering purpose-built city. We envisioned an iconic gateway that would encapsulate innovation, design, and functionality—a structure that would not just mark an entrance but become a symbol of distinction.

Blue World City - Grand Entrance 3D

Translating the vision into reality required meticulous planning and inventive design expertise. Our team delved into the intricacies of urban planning and infrastructure development to craft a monumental entrance. With a focus on aesthetics and practicality, we conceptualized a structure spanning 42,185 square feet, standing 60 feet tall and boasting a remarkable width of 126 feet—the Grand Entrance was born on blueprints.

Site Area

Structure Surface

Structure Width

Structure Height

Turning plans into concrete form demanded precision and expertise. From ground-breaking to the final touches, our construction management team ensured every aspect adhered to the envisioned design. Overcoming engineering challenges, we transformed raw materials into a structural marvel, combining artistry and functionality in each meticulously laid brick.

As the years unfolded, dedication and commitment fueled the completion of this grand endeavor. The finishing touches added finesse, elevating the Grand Entrance from a mere structure to an awe-inspiring landmark. The culmination in 2020 marked not just the end of construction but the birth of an architectural icon.

An awe-inspiring landmark

The Grand Entrance stands today, a testament to our comprehensive approach—from ideation to execution, showcasing our expertise in architecture, design, and turnkey solutions. It remains a pivotal feature in Blue World City, symbolizing our commitment to innovation and excellence in every project we undertake.








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