Building Timeless Monuments

Blue Bricks Architects and Consultants, engaged in urban planning, infrastructure development, and construction management, has been in business for more than two decades, now. During this time, they have worked on some great projects. Blue Bricks has been operating mainly in Lahore, Islamabad, and other parts of Pakistan. We have even broken the world record by constructing the world’s tallest Horse Mascots in the Blue World City. Apart from that, we have constructed the grand entrances of both Blue World City and Blue Town Sapphire. We have worked on making Horses Square and multiple sculptures. Here are some of the monumental projects, out of many that Blue Bricks has worked on.

Horse Mascots: The Horse Mascots are inspired by the Kelpies, located in Falkirk, Scotland. Kelpies are 110 feet high whereas the Horse Mascots in Blue World City are record-breaking 125 feet high. Breaking the record for Kelpies, the Horse Mascots are soon to be registered by Guinness World Records as World’s tallest sculptures.

Grand Entrance, Blue World City: Blue World City’s Grand Entrance is one of its kind and is considered to be one of the biggest main gates of the housing societies in the country. The design is inspired by the Roman and the Chinese architectural traditions. Built over a land footprint of 102 Kanals, the 70-foot-tall Grand Entrance features 10 hexagonal columns 20×20 feet, and 10 domes with a diameter of 18 feet each.   The grand entrance of Blue World City takes away all the spotlight of the nearby places and it is quite visible from far-off places as well.

Rumi’s Square:  Rumi’s Square at Blue World City has been designed and is being built by Blue Bricks as an expression of reverence to the 13th-century saint scholar Jalal ud Din Rumi, who changed the dimensions of knowledge. The 70-foot-tall night sculpture will exude an aura of spirituality.

Education Square: Blue Bricks is working day and night on constructing the inspiringly beautiful Education Square in Blue World City and the structure is almost ready. The grand monument features a nicely chiseled column and four lion statues.

Blue Town Sapphire Gate:  Inspired by the classic Oriental and European architectural elegance, Blue Town Sapphire’s main gate is visible from a distance in its full glory. The entrance is designed in a way to facilitate as many people as there can be unlike other societies where the entrances are normally congested.  

Blue Town Sapphire’s Horse Squares: These Horse Squares signify freedom and confidence, which are the key aspects of Blue Bricks. They show that Blue Town Sapphire management is determined to work every day to provide the best facilities to the residents.

This shows that Blue Bricks has worked on all types of projects and has one of the most diverse portfolios out there. These are just some of the projects that we have worked on over the last decade, building a strong business goodwill of creativity and determination in the market.